Most meth and below hospitals can only buy homemade medical devices


Due to the rapid development of domestic medical devices, the state has made relative adjustments to the medical device industry and assisted most domestic medical device manufacturers.

The government has crossed out: What kinds of medical equipment, public hospitals are allowed to buy imports, which can only buy domestic?

On January 10, 2017, the Sichuan Government Procurement Network banned the "Notice of Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance on Promulgating the 2017 Provincial Government Procurement of Imported Products List" (Chuancai Cai [2016] No. 62, hereinafter referred to as "Notice").

The “Notice” stated that according to the “Notice of Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance on Further Regulating the Examination of Provincial Government Procurement of Imported Products” (Chuancai Cai [2015] No. 123), the relevant experts were organized to conduct unified argumentation and obtain education and health leaders. The department agreed, and on the basis of public announcements from the Sichuan Government Procurement Network, the Provincial Department of Finance has formulated a list of 2017 provincial government procurement of imported equipment for teaching equipment and medical equipment.

The list is valid for one year and will be implemented from January 1, 2017.

There are 98 kinds of medical equipment on the list, including 5 types of medical equipment that do not currently have domestic products, and 93 kinds of medical equipment that are allowed to purchase imported products.

According to the "Notice", within the validity period, the 98 kinds of medical equipment, related imported products are allowed to be included in the scope of government procurement. However, the "Notice" also stipulates that the products in the list, "if the domestic similar products can meet the procurement needs, it should give priority to the procurement of domestic products", if you really need to purchase imported products should also be reported to the competent department before the procurement activities agreed.

It is worth noting that for the 93 kinds of medical equipment listed in the “list of medical equipment allowed to purchase imported products”, the “notice” expressly states that the hospitals (or units) of dimethyl and lower grades should use domestic products, and only hospitals with a minimum grade of two or more allow medical equipment. Purchase imported products.

Saibo Lan also noted that even earlier, when the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance announced the opinions of experts on the relevant product list, the experts’ arguments on the five kinds of medical equipment that currently have no domestic products are still justified. "Proposed procurement of imported products" is not "allowed to purchase imported products" in the "notice" of today; for 95 kinds of "medical equipment that are allowed to purchase imported products", the argument is still that of "secondary hospitals" or below. (or units) recommend the use of domestic products, and hospitals (or units) above dimethyl and above should recommend the purchase of imported products, instead of today's "secondary and lower hospitals (or units) should use domestic products, and hospitals (or units) above Allows the purchase of imported products".

From the "proposed procurement of imports" to "allowed procurement of imports," from "recommended use of domestically produced" to "should use domestically produced," the difference between a few words means that the difference is a hundred thousand miles. The priority purchase of domestic goods becomes mandatory mandatory action.

In addition, compared with the list at the time of publication, the "medical equipment that allows the purchase of imported products" in the "Notice" also reduced two kinds, namely hemodialysis machines and nuclear magnetic resonance. Note that there is still an "MRI system" in the list. However, hemodialysis machines are not allowed in the list of imported products at all. It seems that domestic production must dominate the world.

The following is a list of medical equipment permitted for import listed in the "Notice":

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