Henan medical examination car delivery ceremony


“Equipping physical examination equipment and physical examination vehicles for the township health centers in the city” is one of the “10 key livelihood issues” of the Zhengzhou municipal government in 2017. A total of 3.4 million yuan was invested by the governments at all levels to provide health examination vehicles for basic medical and health institutions.

In late November 2017, the Health Protection Planning Commission of Dengfeng City, Henan Province held a health examination vehicle release ceremony for primary health care institutions. Shuai Xu, head of the Health and Planning Commission, heads of relevant departments, and heads of various primary health care institutions attended the distribution ceremony.

The 17 Yutong medical examination vehicles issued this time all have uniform markings and are fully equipped. The relevant leaders require that all grassroots medical and health institutions should effectively strengthen the management and use of physical examination vehicles, and be responsible for special personnel, special vehicles, and give full play to the role of physical examination vehicles to make medical examinations. The car has truly become a "money car" that serves the people.

Yutong physical examination vehicle, adhering to the exquisite passenger car manufacturing process, the use of scientific and technological innovation advantages, the modern health examination concept will be integrated in the vehicle research and development process, tailored to the needs of customers design personalized solutions. The medical check-up vehicle is internally provided with a registration area, a physical examination area, and a rest area. The layout is reasonable, and the physical examination efficiency is maximized. Special equipment such as an X-ray machine, color ultrasound, and electrocardiograph is configured as required to fully meet the requirements for physical examination and occupational disease examination.

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