Aike Rui took the new physical examination car to attack the 76th CMEF Shenzhen Autumn Medicine Fair


On October 30-November 1, 2016, the 76th CMEF China International Medical Devices (Autumn) Expo was grandly opened in Shenzhen. As a Shenzhen local company, Shenzhen Aikerui Electric Co., Ltd. released a big move and brought new medical treatment. The physical examination car weighed heavily on this exhibition, which fully demonstrated the position of the Ikeray medical examination vehicle in the industry.

Figure 1-1 The 76th CMEF Fall Medical Expo Ikeray Physical Examination Car Booth Exhibition Site

Figure 1-2 Group photo of the CMEF autumn medical expo Akure exhibition team

The new medical examination vehicle exhibited by the medical expo Shenzhen Aikerui has been customized and upgraded in terms of design style and various configurations. The simple, stylish and comfortable design has many powerful medical examination functions. As a leader in medical check-up vehicles, we constantly strive to break through and continue to work hard to promote the development of mobile medical care in the future.

Figure 1-3 AKR physical examination vehicle DR operation console

Figure 1-4 Aikeli Medical Checkup Rest Area

Figure 1-5 Aikray Medical Vehicle Extension Work Area

Figure 1-6 Aikray Medical Vehicle Remote Consultation Area

The Medical Expo not only has brilliant appearance on the medical examination vehicles, but also has a huge crowd of people on the booth of bone mineral density (Figure 2-1). Shenzhen Eckray Dual Energy X-ray Bone Densitometer officially entered the medical market in 2013. In the four years after it was put into the market, Ikray has maintained its technical innovation, and the diamond quality service concept has continuously upgraded the bone density meter. And in this four-year period, a large number of customers were accumulated and gained good reputation and brand benefits. Many customers such as Midea Health Checkup Center are in a long-term relationship.

Figure 1-7 On-site customer consultation at the bone density meter booth

The 76th CMEF China International Medical Devices (Autumn) Expo Ikerui won a lot of new attacks. It not only exhibited the innovation and super strength of the front runners in the medical examination car industry, but also deeply understood the needs of customers for the future. The company's product development has laid new ideas.

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